Galapagos, continued...

A fine crew...

They're not lazy. In this boat's case, they're making clean spots...

You're welcome.

Sea Lions? Flying dogs of the sea to me.

Some of our wonderful travel companions...

And one of the fabulous crew...

Youngest kiddo, now eighteen.

Oldest kiddo, Mr. Distractions, and two of the crew...

Curiously yours,

I see sea lions lyin' on the sea...

That awkward moment when your BFF refuses to rock a higher rock so you can hang with him.

Yay! Inflatables. Perfectly safe, I'm sure.

I'm not sure what the red is on the one on the left...

I guess he's not going with us.

This is not Marlin.

One of these guys may be Marlin.

We don't have far to go...

They *really* don't have far to go.

"I'll swab the deck after my nap."

Our education begins. Wish I could remember all we learned.

They look so comfy.

Life's a balancing act...
Speaking of balancing acts -- I'd love some additional beta readers for chapters, if you or someone you know enjoys that sort of thing.

Part of the tagline (wagline!) for the book so far is this: Except for the scorpions, spiders, stray dogs, monkeys, and jaguars, all begins well when teenager Max Jetty and her family move to the rainforest to start an ecolodge...

Enough of a teaser, I hope. If you'd like to read a chapter or two and give me some feedback, you can contact me at robingrantham@gmail.com. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Curiously yours,



Pics from trips ago, continued...

 San Cristobal, Galapagos~Wherein we grow very worried about finding our group among many...
 See how they're trying not to look worried?
 Maybe we should just go with these people. They look fun.
 We could always walk...
Or ride one of these...
Probably not our ride

 I think we'd found our bus at this point...
Political Welcome sign
Prickly harbor pic

Random boats are random

This is more of a chronological depiction of our trip rather than me going through and posting my favorites. I hope some of you lovely Distractions prefer this format. I'm only leaving out a few.

Curiously yours,

So, I thought it would be fun to run some Curious Distractions office travel pics from trips ago. The following are from Quito, Ecuador (April, 2009), a stop on our way to the Galapagos.

Also, I'm terrible at labeling pics, so I thought I'd force myself to comment on each pic. Prepare to be impressed with clever commentary! Or not.

 "Wow, this is Quito," thought I, when this pic happened. (I told you the commentary would be clever!) Actually, I was worried about the lighting and I was as shocked as anyone when the pic actually turned out as well as it did. (Some post-trip photo-shopping didn't hurt, either.)
 Giant welcoming sign meant to get you into a good mood before you hit traffic.
 View from our hotel. The balcony ledge, as I recall, was about knee height. Thinking health and safety codes may not be quite as stringent there.

The trip to the airport...
No Izquierda!

Spousal unit and oldest daughter in the Quito airport. His foster brother was a mechanic for Gulfstream at the time. Kiddo, now 21, currently in the throes of applying to medical schools.

 Da plane! Notice the Christmas Iguana over the 'e'.
 Short trip and yet they gave us delicious food. We were impressed.
The water over which we were about to fly to get to San Cristobal, where we would begin the ship-based portion of our voyage.

Otherwise, I am still working on the infamous aforementioned YA book, now tentatively titled, VERN. I hope you all are well.

Curiously yours,



Silly Ant Distractions

---Needed when writing about horrible giant ant-like monsters who think faces are tasty and brains make for delicious desserts...

So, my WIP (work-in-progress) features ant-like foe who would make a good meal, should you roast them over an open fire with some Worcestershire and a good pepper mix. They would make a good meal because they’re huge. If you could get past the razor sharp mandibles and backwards-facing shark-like teeth, you would have a real delicacy on your tongues. Now I’m thinking caramel sauce.

Does anyone else wonder if ants are so successful because they’re too small to bother eating? Anteaters aside, doesn’t it seem like ants are the Chinese food of the animal world? You keep eating and eating, crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch, and you never get full. And even if you do, you're hungry again thirty or forty seconds later. Why bother? Only those big soldier ants look like they’d make a pretty good meal — if you ate fifty thousand of them, but then they'd bite your lips off on the way down, so you’d be right back where you started. Except lipless.

Curiously yours,